Scottish Rite and Southern Preview (my last 6 days)

Here are some photos from our time with Micah at the local hospital and then at Scottish Rite.  He basically was constipated to the point that it was backed up to his stomach and his stomach stopped accepting food, so he vomited anything he ate or drank.  They did and xray and CT and said it was beyond them (local hospital).  So at 3 am I found myself driving behind an ambulance to Atlanta.  They hospitalized him, did a manual disimpaction surgery and gave him a laxative.  Mission success and he is feeling better now.

What was funny was that when we showed up at the local ER, 2 other families that work at Tori’s preschool ended up there too.  So it was nice to have some friends there.  Also, there was some sort of drug maniac in the room next to use at the ER with his own personal police escort.  He was shouting at people and the police.  It was like an episode from COPS patrolling Daly Drive, Birmingham.


So we were released from Scottish Rite at 1:30 pm Thursday, and mommy and son found out just how determined daddy was to go to Louisville this weekend.  We stopped by the house only to repack and then we hit the road.

We had a great time (and yes, Micah felt fine and had a good time.)  They again put us up in the Legacy Center, a nice hotel on campus and we had all free meals Friday (and Saturday.)  We arrived from over the Smokies at about 11:30 pm Thursday.  Friday morning I went to registration at 8 AM.  Then we all went to breakfast, in this room that you see in the picture below.

This is Dr. Russell Moore speaking above.  We met another couple at our table who had 2 boys about our age.  There were other times of Q & A, panel discussions, school introductions, etc., but I won’t go over all of those…just some highlights.

This was a class lecture I sat in.  The professor was Dr. Timothy Paul Jones.  He is a prolific writer in the areas of apologetics and family ministries.  His lecture was on the different paradigms of family ministry, (family-integrated, family-equipping, etc.)  One of his more recent books is Misquoting Truth, a response to Bart Ehrman, but the book of his that I actually bought in the Lifeway store is Christian Church History Made Easy.  It’s a great overview of the history of Christianity.  I read some of it on the way home today.

The above picture is from Spurgeon’s actual Bible, which is on display in the archives.  You can see some handwritten notes in the margins.  The whole bible is actually indexed like this, because CHS made notations letting him know what sermon he had previously used that text in.   I probably looked pretty dorky slobbering all over this showcase.

The above picture is an entire catalog area of Desiring God for Kids Studying material.

This is the letter that Charles Spurgeon wrote to a friend explaining why he was leaving the Baptist Union.

After dinner there was a Q & A with Dr. Russell Moore (Dean of the School of Theology) and Dr. Al Mohler (pictured above).  This was a fun event.  I was also surprised by the amount of international students there.  A funny story behind this was that this dinner / Q & A / and the following “dessert” at the Presidents house required formal dress.  I brought my suit, but didn’t realize the dinner was formal too.  So I showed up wearing a polo shirt and felt like a dumbdonkey.  On top of that, I brought my suit, but forgot my dress shirt.  So I had to leave Tori at the dinner, find my way to a Walmart, buy a white dress shirt and then rush back in time to change and meet Tori at the Q & A.  In picture above, right behind the lecturn, Dr. Mohler is standing on a hydraulic lift platform from which he was raised to his position behind the podium.  He also gave his speech in English, Swahili and Esparanto simultaneously.

The following pictures are from the library in the Mohler Cave underneath his house:

Saturday, we went to the Louisville Zoo (I’m sure Tori will be posting pictures of that trip on facebook soon.)  And we hooked up with my buddy Lance and his wife.  They are friends from my church that just moved up there this fall.  Lance has already joined up with a great Acts 29 church, and works with their downtown campus.  We went to the church’s community outreach event in the afternoon.  Micah got to play the fall-festival type games they had.  The rest of the night we grilled out and hung out with Lance and Julia.

Before we went back to their place, took some time to drive over the bridge over the Ohio river, just to say we had been to Indiana.

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