John Piper’s Message at The Village Church (Matt Chandler’s Church)

Pastor Matt Chandler, of The Village Church, in Dallas was recently diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  John Piper filled his pulpit on Dec. 27, 2009.  I highly recommend listening to the sermon, “Subjected in Hope.”

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Wimpy Worldviews Produce Wimpy Christians

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The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

For Christmas I received a resource I had asked for called The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.  It is an almost exhaustive cross-reference for the entire Bible, with about 500,000 references.  It is useful for utilizing the principle of “interpreting Scripture with Scripture.”  What I have since realized is that the work is public domain, and anyone can now have access to it via the internet.  So I recommend bookmarking this address for future use.

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If you like to read and understand the bible, I would like to recommend a system / tool called BibleArc.  It is found at  Even if you just like puzzle-ish things, this would be fun.  I personally consider puzzles to be a form of torture, but since this deals with understanding God’s Word, I still am enjoying learning how to use BibleArc.

Go visit and try it out; you might just find it addicting.

[John Piper is likely BibleArcing’s most famous and adamant proponent.]

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Matt Chandler blog as he approaches brain surgery

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