Arch of Titus

I’m a little bit of a history buff – to varying degrees – depending on the time and location. But I love any and all history related to the Holy Land (especially things which relate to Jesus and His time.)

I found this to be interesting. I had not heard of it before. I’ll link here to the Wikipedia article for the full story, but the short version is this. This is a arch de triumph. The original one. The one the one in Paris, and all the other ones, were made after. Remember how the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and sacked the Jewish Temple in 70 AD, just like Jesus said they would? (No stone would be left unturned?) After the Romans did that, they went back to Rome and build this arch to celebrate it. There are still visible relief sculptures on the arch showing them walking off with the Minorah and other items from the temple. That was the last time Israel was a true self-governing nation…..until 1948. And what did the Jews do in 1948? They gathered at the Arch of Titus and marched through it in the opposite direction that the Romans paraded through it 1900 years earlier. Isn’t that cool?

[Originally written October 10th, 2008.]

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